Science Magazine article on The River Masters

November 14, 2014

Science magazine has just published an article on the role of hippos in altering aquatic ecosystems. They highlighted our research in the Mara and the research of Doug McCauley and Justin  Brashares at Mpala Research Center in central Kenya. The article explores the dual role that hippos can play in moving enough carbon and nutrients from terrestrial to aquatic systems to support productivity and the food web, yet in sometimes providing so much organic material that it poisons a system. 

The hippo loading estimates discussed in the Science magazine article are from:

Subalusky, A.L., C.L. Dutton, E.J. Rosi-Marshall, and D.M. Post. 2015. The hippopotamus conveyor belt: vectors of carbon and nutrients from terrestrial grasslands to aquatic systems in sub-Saharan Africa. Freshwater Biology in press.  doi:10.1111/fwb.12474 

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